Mental Health in Motion for Youth

Our classes and activities for youth combine mental health education with creative movement into age appropriate activities. We are constantly working on developing educational materials for youth of all ages utilizing the combined knowledge of dance educators and mental health professionals. Below are the opportunities we currently have for youth. Please note, though these materials and classes may be therapeautic in nature, they are not dance therapy nor meant to replace counseling services.

Contact us to inquire about any of the opportunities below.

Private Group Movement Classes

Have a group of students who could benefit from creative movement AND social emotional learning? We offer in person classes and workshops which utilize basic movement to help students explore developmentally appropriate topics related to mental health such as emotional expression and identification, social skills, decision making skills, and coping strategies.


Creative Movement + Mental Health Virtual Curriculum

This online curriculum series is for youth ages 4-8 and was created in respose to the rising mental health needs of youth during the time of COVID-19. This curriculum comes with a training guide for the caregiver or educator as well as short videos that the students can follow as they work through the program. All lessons are geared to harness the child's creative side through play based learning and fun.


Mental Health Activity Book for Kids

Coming Soon.

Mental Health Virtual Lessons for Teens

Coming Soon.