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Mission: To provide mental health advocacy, education, and awareness to our communities in ways that are creative and meaningful, thus fostering greater understanding and decreasing stigma around mental health.

Vision: We believe that the main influencers in a person's life are the people they interact with on a regular basis. Therefore, our desire is to equip EVERYONE to better understand mental health issues and care for one another more deeply. How? We believe when it comes to learning about mental health that traditional means of teaching is not enough. Through creative means such as watching a visual performance, or engaging in visual activities through a personalized workshop, or even participating in movement-based classes meant to promote dialogue around mental health issues, one is able to more deeply understand the material from a more emotional heart level. When our emotional perceptions shift, our actions tend to follow, and we begin to interact with the world in more informed and empathic ways.


To best utilize our services, it's helpful to know what we are and what we are not.

Mental Health In Motion currently provides:

  • Dance Presentations - Presentations which serve to educate its audience on specific mental health issues using a visual performance. These trainings contain a short lecture as well as a dance performance of several stories which provide a visual representation of the topic for deeper understanding of the material.

  • Wellness Workshops - Interactive workshops around topics such as wellness goals, burnout prevention, and healthy boundaries utilizing visual activities and discussion.

  • Creative Movement Classes - These classes are designed for beginners and/or returnees to dance movement. We use simple dance techniques and tons of fun movement exercises to explore how the body moves, deepen your proprioception, develop your confidence, and (re)discover your joy for movement.

  • Creative's Social Hour - Join us in celebrating local artists every last Friday of the month. This donation based event aims to foster Roanoke's creative community in equitable and sustainable ways, offering biannual microgrants to support emerging talents. 

  • Programs & Activities for Youth - Classes and products which combine mental health education with creative movement into age appropriate activities.

  • Other partnerships and collaborative programs along the lines of our mission, vision, and goals.

Mental Health In Motion does not provide:

  • Dance therapy

  • Direct counseling


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