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Mission: To provide mental health advocacy and education through the visual experience of dance stories, fostering greater awareness and empathy within our communities.

Vision: We believe that the main influencers in a person's life are the people they interact with on a regular basis. Therefore, our desire is to equip everyone to better understand mental health issues and care for one another more deeply. How? We believe that dance is a language of the soul and is an effective means of creating a visual learning experience that evokes emotion and makes a lasting impression on the heart. When our emotional perceptions shift, our actions tend to follow, and we can begin to interact with the world in more informed and empathic ways.



To best utilize our services, it's helpful to know what we are and what we are not.

Mental Health In Motion does not provide:

  • Dance therapy

  • Direct counseling

Mental Health In Motion currently provides:

  • Presentations that serve to educate its audience on specific mental health issues. These trainings utilize both lecture from an expert in the field, as well as dance stories which provide a visual respresentation of the topic. 

  • Smaller educational workshops for the general public which use simple movement exercises to help teach participants about topics related to psychosocial health.

  • Master dance classes to youth and teens to help increase self-awareness and emotional expression in performance through use of structured improv.

  • Other partnerships along the lines of our mission, vision, and goals.



Lisa Linger

Founder, Director

Nicole Phelix

Assistant Director, Advisor of Fundraising and Events

Christine Shell

Advisor of Creative Development


Christina Hale Roberts


Blake Gibson

Member Dancer

Mandy Swann

Member Dancer

Amanda Shell

Member Dancer

Alaina Miller

Member Dancer