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We provide one-of-a-kind workshops and educational events on specific mental health topics. Each training or seminar contains education, dialogue, and one or more dance stories created specifically for the intended audience.


Invisible Recovery: The Story of a Young Stroke Survivor

This training aims to illuminate the internal emotional and mental recovery that often gets forgotten and/or minimized when one endures a major physical recovery. Through the lens of a young stroke survivor, we show the juxtaposition between the external being, who often feels a need to match everyone else's expectations and make a quick recovery, and the internal being who may be experiencing a complex array of emotions including grief, hope, guilt, depression, and/or anxiety. What happens when a person seems to have fully recovered from a physical illness, yet continues to live in a body and soul that has been changed? How should we respond as a support system? Though we utilize the story of a young stroke surivor, the implications relate to anyone experiencing a new normal as they recover from a physical illness.

Trainer: Nicole Phelix, MSW, Young Stroke Survivor
Choreographer: Lisa Linger, MS, NCC, Director


June and Nov 2018: Carilion Stroke Conferences

Oct 2018: Dance Series event in downtown Durham, NC.

Nov 2018: UNC Allied Health Sciences Awareness Week

Dec 2018: Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group

Doorways of Change

This event was held by Karen Carter Fine Arts at Market Gallery 202 in Roanoke, Virginia. Karen Carter created original paintings and several installations depicting various doorways to draw the viewer into their own experiences of change and transition in their life. Lisa Linger, founder of Mental Health in Motion, created and performed two solo story pieces to coincide with this message. The first story represented the period before realizing change is possible, facing that possibility, wrestling with fear and inhibitions, and increasing motivation for change to a point of action. The second piece demonstrated a narrative of moving forward with change despite lack of clarity, facing doubts and criticism, developing internal growth, and finally gaining the self-confidence to experience freedom and peace in this new place of change.


Nov 2017: Roanoke's Art by Night

Through Her Eyes: The Story of a Young Refugee

This training was performed for providers who serve refugee populations. Told through the eyes of a young refugee trying to navigate through the resources of a new country, it highlights the struggles of both the refugee and the providers tasked with serving them and asks the question "how do we best care for this vulnerable population?"


Sep 2019: LINK Refugee Conference

Oct 2019: Roanoke Schools Professional Development Day 

Living with HIV: A Visual Storytelling

This training explores the impact that carrying a diagnosis of HIV can have on an individual. Through exploring the stigma surrounding the diagnosis, and the coping techniques of those diagnosed, this dance story sheds light on how we persevere and even thrive in the midst of suffering.


Dec 2019: World AIDS Day Awareness Event

Arabesques for Awareness

Mental Health in Motion partnered with local artists and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to support mental health agencies in Roanoke, VA


March 2019: Roanoke Ballet Theater Black Box Production

Movement Art Gala

Mental Health in Motion joined with Roanoke City Modern Ensemble and Durham-based ShaLeigh Dance Works for an unforgettable night of dance with the goal of further promoting and fostering the growth of the arts in Roanoke, VA.


Oct 2019: Gallery 202, Roanoke

Embody Empowerment

Come move and connect with us on topics of trust, self-care, empathy, and strength. We'll take you through basic acrobatics, aerial work, partnering, and improv dance to promote dialogue around these themes!


Feb 2019: Liquid Leading Dance Presentation